User-Centric Management Of Security And Dependability In Clouds Of Clouds

    a European cooperative research project

    SUPERCLOUD, a European cooperative research project, has officially started on 1st February 2015 with a set duration of 36 months. It receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 643964.



Despite its unravelling business benefits, distributed cloud computing raises many security and dependability concerns today. Root causes include an increase in complexity and lack of interoperability between heterogeneous, often proprietary infrastructure technologies.

SUPERCLOUD researches and develops new security and dependability infrastructure management paradigm. Our approach is on one hand, User-Centric for self-service clouds-of-clouds, i.e., customers can define their own protection requirements and avoid provider lock-ins. On the other hand we focus on Self-Managed services for self-protecting clouds-of-clouds which can reduce administration complexity through automation.

Moreover, SUPERCLOUD is aiming for the following objectives:

  • Self-Service Security
  • The implementation of the SUPERCLOUD architecture gives users the flexibility to define their own protection requirements and the ability to instantiate the policies accordingly.

  • Self-Managed Security
  • To ensure compliance with the security policies, an automatic security management framework gets developed that operates seamlessly over compute, storage and network layers, as well as across provider domains.

  • End-to-End Security
  • Trust models and security mechanisms that enable composition of services and trust statements across different administrative provider domains.

  • Resilience
  • A resource management framework gets implemented that composes provider-agnostic resources in a robust manner using primitives from diverse cloud providers.

The SUPERCLOUD methodology will be validated by testbed integration for real-world use cases in the healthcare domain, ranging from deploying a distributed medical imaging platform to running a full laboratory information system.

The consortium is industry-led with partners actively involved in promotion of open source cloud technologies and contributing to major standardization bodies in:

  • cloud security,
  • inter-cloud architectures,
  • security protocols, and
  • SDN (Software-defined Network).

SUPERCLOUD will leverage its expertise in these domains to promote and ensure market validity of the research findings. The SUPERCLOUD consortium is well-positioned to achieve its mentioned objectives by bringing together a well balanced European team of four industrial partners, one research institution, two research oriented SMEs, as well as two renowned universities.

9 partners from 6 different countries (Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland) will provide their extensive know-how and long-lasting experience for the development of the SUPERCLOUD design framework. Furthermore, this working team (including researchers, developers and users) enables the project to tackle the problem with a comprehensive approach.


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