The SUPERCLOUD project is planned to run for 36 months. It is organized into seven work packages with significant dependencies and expected synergies between them which are described shortly in the following.

WP1: Architecture

WP1 is regarded the technical backbone of the SUPERCLOUD project as it defines the architecture and framework for the remaining work packages. The focus is put on protocols and services that require interaction between the different building blocks.

WP2: Security Management and Infrastructure for Computation

WP2 specifies and implements the main components and protocols of the federated cloud infrastructure for computing and the design of the corresponding security self-management framework. The developed solutions will be used in WP5 for demonstrations and WP6 for dissemination and exploitation.

WP3: Data Management

WP3 designs and implements SUPERCLOUD protection of user assets in the distributed cloud, focusing on autonomic security provisioning and end-to-end security. This WP provides a common user experience of data protection across multiple underlying clouds through modular and on-demand data security services such as access control, blind computation, integrity and verifiability, and data availability.

WP4: Resilient Network Virtualization and Provisioning

WP4 enables to create virtual networks for multi-clouds with resilience and security guarantees both for the control plane and for the data plane, using the software-defined networking (SDN) approach. SUPERCLOUD also provides 2D network monitoring and forensics to guarantee a sanitized and auditable network environment.

WP5: Use-case and testbed

WP5 enables to demonstrate and validate SUPERCLOUD core technology. A testbed that will enable the reproduction in realistic settings of the two use cases, using component configuration and virtualization, will be set up. The first use case deals with a medical imaging platform and will show the move of the platform towards a secure cloud tesbed platform. The second use case deals with a healthcare laboratory information system (LIS) and will show that the SUPERCLOUD infrastructure allows deploying a healthcare LIS on a self-service cloud.

WP6: Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation, Standardization and Training

WP6 focuses on communication and dissemination of scientific research results achieved within the individual work packages to outside parties as well as to participating entities. Furthermore, this WP will support the partners to exploit the achieved results and impact the European as well as the international market. Moreover, WP6 results will lead to contributions in terms of trainings or standardization.

WP7: Project-, Risk-, and Innovation-Management

Finally, WP7 ensures a successful project lifetime with respect to risk and innovation management. There are dependencies to all other work packages as this work package coordinates the tasks so that they are in line with the project work plan in order to reach the objectives of SUPERCLOUD.